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Quantifying the flux of Pyrosoma atlanticum to the seafloor using archived video footage

For this project, we are looking for an undergraduate volunteer to assist with the analysis of archived video footage.


Skills you'll gain by doing this work:

  • Basic Adobe Premier Pro functions

  • Image analysis using ImageJ software

  • Data management and collation

  • Data analysis

  • Production of graphs and tables

What we're looking for:

  • A reliable student who is able to work independently (the work will be conducted remotely).

  • A student who is hard-working and eager to learn and acquire new skills.

  • Someone who can dedicate a minimum of 5 hours/week to the work.

If you think you fit this description, please email Dr. Bernard (kim.bernard "at" with your CV/resume.

Note that this project is not funded so we are looking for a volunteer. But, if you qualify for Work-Study, please let Dr. Bernard know.

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